A little about me . . . .

Hello, I'm Teri Christopherson and I love to stitch.

For years, I've been designing quilts for my home business, Black Mountain Quilts. It's been a great ride. Twenty-four books, countless patterns, magazines, calendars, traveling, speaking, teaching, trade shows.

I admit, there have been a few sleepless nights along the way--trying to meet a print deadline while holding a newborn and tending a sick toddler. But that's the good stuff.

Now, I've changed my business name to Black Mountain Needleworks to better represent the diversity of patterns I design. Not just quilts, but tablet covers, pillowcases, wool bookmarks, and more. Because, like most creative people, I can't live in a box.

On the home front, I live in Orange County, California, where I'm married to my best friend, Mark, who's very patient with sewing mess. I have four amazing children.

My oldest, Kelsi, was born with severe disabilities, which brings both blessings and challenges (mostly blessings). The other three keep me busy with laundry and carpools and laughter and lots of cookie baking. And I'm an avid reader. I have an awesome book club.

I hope you have fun with my patterns. Please contact me if you have any problems or concerns or fun stories to share. Happy stitching!

                                               ~ Teri Christopherson

Here I am with hubby and kids in our front garden. I like designing the garden and my husband likes pulling weeds. Works out pretty well.

While I sew, my husband rides his bike. He burns more calories.
Here we are at the airport when my son returned from a two-year Mormon mission in Chile. If my eyes look red, it's from all the happy tears. A great day.
The sweetest daughter in the world, Kelsi, as she graduated from special ed. Now she keeps me company all day while I stitch and work.